Reveal Your Actual Magnificence With Collagen In 2023

Collagen is among the primary substances that guarantee many tissues’ well being. The human physique can produce it independently, however the synthesis begins to say no steadily over time, negatively affecting all the physique.

Utilizing it as a complement improves the state of joints and ligaments, smooths wrinkles, and rejuvenates the pores and skin. You may select a handy type of administration: tablets or liquid collagen in injections.

Useful Impact of Collagen

Collagen is a protein with a polypeptide chain and has a helical construction. This function of the threads will increase their energy, particularly when stretched. One of many primary capabilities is the binding of tissues, which ensures their density. Connective tissues, cartilage, ligaments, and pores and skin comprise many of the substance.

The human physique synthesizes liquid collagen, however even with enough protein consumption, the extent of the substance could lower. It’s as a result of many components affect its manufacturing. Additionally, the synthesis of the substance decreases with age, which is the main reason behind getting older of the pores and skin and joints.

The slowdown in manufacturing takes place from the age of 25-26, after which the method hastens yearly. After 50 years, the synthesis will lower by 10% yearly. The consumption of protein meals solely partially inhibits this course of. Subsequently, you must contemplate dietary dietary supplements.

Collagen Varieties



Specialists determine three sorts:

  • Sort I ─ The most typical sort is a structural a part of ligaments and tendons essential to type pores and skin, bones, and different tissues. Chargeable for regenerative capabilities, strengthens tissues, and protects towards injury;
  • Sort II is used to help cartilage and accelerates its restoration. One of these collagen is greatest for wholesome joints;
  • Sort III ─ The sort of substance that incorporates reticular fibers is important for the extracellular matrix. Usually used along with sort I to enhance pores and skin elasticity and regeneration. It additionally impacts blood vessels, inside organs, eyes, and different tissues.

There are two forms of components generally used within the business. Some mixed I and III collagen are used to rejuvenate and restore the pores and skin and enhance the eyes and inside organs. Different sort II collagen dietary supplements are worthwhile for joints, tendons, and ligaments.

2 Methods of Collagen Presentation

For collagen manufacturing, producers use two sources: animal and marine origin. Collagen of animal origin is obtained from poultry and livestock cartilaginous, bone, and pores and skin tissues. Collagen of marine origin is the bone and pores and skin elements of fish.

Marine collagen is taken into account extra environment friendly than animal collagen when it comes to its absorption by the physique, however additionally it is costlier. However marine and animal collagen are differing kinds. Accordingly, to realize the most effective end result, it’s endorsed to mix them.

In response to the researchers, it’s preferable to make use of marine-derived collagen. Producers of collagen as a dietary complement produce it in varied kinds. It may be a ready-made drink, tablets, capsules, or unfastened combination.

Essentially the most most popular is the powder type, which lets you put together your collagen drink, or the liquid type, which might be drunk instantly.

1. Dietary Dietary supplements


Collagen dietary supplements might be divided into three primary teams:

  1. Hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptide
  2. Gelatin capsules
  3. Collagen boosters

The distinction between collagen peptide and gelatin capsules is simply within the type obtained with completely different warmth remedies. The peptide is a fancy molecule that has excessive flexibility and energy. Solely hydrolysis can tear it aside. They partially hydrolyze the gelatin capsules whereas the collagen peptide is full.

Gelatin capsules are a traditional dietary complement however can be utilized as a thickener. Gelatin has a optimistic impact on the digestive system. Capsules might be enriched with prebiotics.

Collagen peptide has a minimal particle measurement, permitting it to penetrate the bloodstream instantly by way of the intestinal wall, bypassing digestion.

Boosters are components to cosmetics that will let you preserve the required degree of collagen in downside areas. This kind might be mixed with a hydrolyzed peptide for greatest outcomes.

The next suggestions are important if in case you have meals allergic reactions or different dietary restrictions:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen is significantly better absorbed than gelatin capsules or meals. That’s why liquid marine collagen is the only option. The advantages of collagen from dietary dietary supplements are its excessive absorption capability into many tissues (muscular tissues, bones, joints, pores and skin, nails, and hair). A number of research have proven the advantages of hydrolyzed collagen over standard — within the first 6 hours after taking the complement, 90% of the hydrolyzed peptide enters the blood and tissues all through the physique. Within the case of standard collagen, the figures are a lot decrease — solely 27%. The low molecular weight considerably will increase the absorption capability.
  • Excessive worth ─ A top quality product can’t be low-cost. Excessive-quality hydrolyzed collagen has a excessive price. Different parts are moreover launched into the meals complement to extend the impact.
  • Capsules or powder ─  To acquire a visual impact, consumption 5000 mg of collagen every day. Normally, tablets have a low focus. They may want rather a lot. Subsequently, it’s higher to take collagen powder for oral administration.
  • Search for vitamin C dietary supplements ─ Vitamin C performs a important function in collagen synthesis. When taken orally and utilized topically, it prompts the physique’s mechanisms to supply collagen.

2. Injections


Collagen remedy is an injectable anti-aging process inside which collagen-based preparations are launched. Being one of many structural components of the human connective tissue, it’s answerable for the smoothness and youthfulness of the pores and skin.

Nonetheless, with age, its gradual destruction happens, and pure manufacturing decreases, which ends up in the looks of wrinkles and different age-related adjustments.

Collagen shot can compensate for collagen deficiency, because of which it’s attainable to get rid of the next:

  • wrinkles
  • stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks
  • cellulite
  • surgical scars and post-acne scars
  • pores and skin atrophy
  • indicators of photoaging ensuing from lively insolation (for instance, abuse of a solarium).

The process additionally helps to organize the pores and skin for the upcoming facelift. It’s indicated earlier than chemical peels, laser remedy, and different forms of dermabrasion, minimizing their trauma and accelerating tissue therapeutic. It is a nice choice to help the pores and skin earlier than the vacations, particularly if you’ll a scorching nation.


Collagen is a protein that helps pores and skin keep firmer and extra elastic and retains joints from carrying out longer. However after 25 years, collagen within the physique is produced extra slowly; accordingly, it’s essential to make up for its deficiency with meals and dietary dietary supplements.

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